Air Milford: Giving Back To Community

Air Milford is committed to safety, community, and sustainability as ‘aerial guardians’ of one of the world’s most beautiful flightseeing destinations.

Operating scenic flights in some of the world’s most pristine environments, Air Milford understands their responsibility to care for people and place. With over five decades of aviation experience and a 100% safety record, values have always been at the forefront of this family-owned and operated business.

Air Milford aims to become New Zealand’s most sustainable general aviation airline. Currently, they claim to have the lowest carbon emission footprint of any scenic flight company in Queenstown, having measured and produced a detailed emissions report through WAO in 2022.

Air Milford
Air Milford plane, Milford Sound

As well as voluntarily offsetting their carbon emissions, sponsoring local planting groups and educating guests on the importance of caring for our place, they’re also giving back to the Queenstown community through their involvement with the Uplift In Kind program.  

Uplift In Kind works with aviation partners across New Zealand to make seats available to unwell or underprivileged families, giving them the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a scenic flight.

To date, they have taken more than 400 Kiwi kids and their families to the skies, helping them escape their challenges and creating lifelong memories together.

Air Milford was one of Uplift in Kind’s first aviation partners. Proud to be part of the program, Operations Manager/Chief Pilot, Antony Sproull says, “Coming into contact with Uplift In Kind has been a real blessing for our company. It’s a privilege to show so many children and their families this beautiful part of Aotearoa.”

They're continually looking to build on their sustainability and regenerative practices, with a goal of becoming carbon neutral in the near future. Anthony believes, “Once we start others will follow. It’s all about balance and taking on real opportunities as well as chipping away at the small wins.”

Anthony from Air Milford in front of a plane
Antony, Air Milford

Watch the video below to learn more about the Uplift in Kind program:

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