Queenstown is

Too Special Not to Care For

Love Queenstown raises funds and awareness for local environmental action – protecting this special place now and into the future.

We Fund

This fund ensures the landscapes
we all know and love are here for generations to come.


Let's make sure this special region thrives and can continue to be enjoyed by everyone.


We're surrounded by NZ's largest untouched ecosystem.
Let's keep it that way.

Our mission

We aim to help Queenstown thrive for generations to come

Love Queenstown is a giving platform that invites visitors and the tourism industry to protect this place, now and for generations to come.

Preserve natural ecosystems

We  support the regeneration of our exceptional high-alpine environment and ensure it thrives now and into the future.

Advance regenerative tourism

We align with Queenstown’s regenerative tourism ambitions and invite visitors to be part of the collective effort to help this place thrive.

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Community led focus

100% of our funding is allocated within the Queenstown area, giving life to the organisations and initiatives who deliver the most impact.

WRT planting at Jardine park Two people planting a tree at Kiwi parkLake Hayes in portrait
Overhead shot of many seedlingsDrone photo of arrowtown river
Kea, Kiwi birdlife park
Why this, why now?

Travel is our life force

Sharing our special part of the world with visitors is one of our great passions. It’s a way of life, and a driving force for our community, but we also understand that this comes with responsibility. A responsibility to protect, regenerate, and restore the environment that makes it all possible.

How it works

A local led, visitor backed solution

Love Queenstown aims to drive impact at scale, by raising funds and awareness for local environmental action with all funds directly supporting charitable initiatives and organisations within the Queenstown region

Trees planted at lake hayesHands planting a treeTwo hands holding a seedling at a nursery

Join the mission and learn how you can support Love Queenstown in just two minutes