Cheers to Sustainability – Canyon Brewing x Sherwood Launch 'Be Here Now'

Two Queenstown businesses committed to making a positive difference have launched a collaborative brew supporting local biodiversity initiatives


Local craft brewery, Canyon Brewing and eco-hotel, Sherwood have joined forces to launch Be here Now.  More than a beer, it's a toast to living in the present moment, a pledge to support local biodiversity, and a collaborative commitment to sustainability.

"Be Here Now, inspired by the Ram Dass book of the same title, is created to inspire you to live in the moment and enjoy everything this beautiful town has to offer,” says Canyon’s Marketing and Brand Manager, Mikaela Merrilees.

The beer’s label isn't just decorative; it's a call to action. It beckons adventurers and nature lovers to embrace low-emission activities that preserve the region's pristine beauty. From hiking trails to cycling paths, 'Be Here Now' advocates for exploring the Southern Lakes area sustainably.

Plus, a portion of the Hazy Pale Ale’s sales will be donated to Love Queenstown, supporting local climate, conservation, and biodiversity initiatives.

What’s more, all carbon emissions associated with manufacturing and distributing this run – from the barley, hops, and yeast to energy used to brew, package, and deliver it – have been meticulously measured, with the aim of creating a clear target for future emissions reduction.

The Canyon Brewing/Sherwood partnership represents Queenstown’s shared vision for a regenerative future. This collaboration is an invitation to join their journey – to celebrate more sustainable sips as Queenstown works towards achieving Regenerative Tourism by 2030.

Read more about the collaboration.

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